History of Sligo Folk Park

A Bit of Our Own History at Sligo Folk Park

Riverstown Enterprise Development (Sligo) Ltd.

In 1990 a group of Riverstown people came together with the common aim of arresting the then very prevalent rural decline of the locality. They came from a variety of backgrounds including: agriculture; business; education; professional and community activities. Together they started something that continued to grow ever since.

Riverstown Enterprise Development (Sligo) Ltd., is a company limited by guarantee. Its first task was to prepare a comprehensive action plan for the locality aimed at making the area one which is both attractive and viable in which to live, work and rear a family. A number of projects were undertaken which contributed to the environmental enhancement of the village and gave employment to the local people.

Millview House, a turn of the century farmhouse on six acres was purchased as a headquarters. Here a historical project, which researched the rich history of the locality, was conducted. Today large volumes of records and documentation relevant to the area are available for research, as well as hundreds of interesting photographs.

The establishment of the County Sligo Agricultural Museum and Rural Heritage Park at Millview House is the major undertaking of Riverstown Enterprise Development (Sligo) Ltd. Already hundreds of artefacts have been restored in our workshops to their former glory. When the project is completed the Riverstown locality will boast a facility to rival any similar project in Ireland.

An amenity to promote the development of Sligo tourism to generate employment in the Riverstown area, to generate trade in the local businesses. An educational facility to inform future generations of the lives and lifestyles of their forebearers. A source of information for researchers and enthusiasts.


Phase 1:

  • Construction of museum and layout of park
  • Construction of artefact repository
  • Continuation of artefact restoration
  • Coffee Shop and Craft Centre
  • Restoration of Millview House (turn of the century typical farmhouse)

The Project commenced on 18th January 1999 and was completed in February 2001 with the Official Opening having taken place on 17th September 2001.

Phase 2:

  • Erection of Crannog and Bird hide
  • Construction of a further exhibition hall with a large auditorium facility

The ultimate objective is to have a sustainable tourist attraction, properly and professionally managed, which will provide employment in the area as well as a record of times gone by.