Cottage & Farmyard

Mrs Buckley’s Cottage and Farmyard

Mrs. Buckley’s little cottage, Is a cottage of renown, Most time you can locate it, At the Heritage in Riverstown, It has a room and kitchen, Though much smaller it might seem, And was constructed by some workers, On a FAS and enterprise scheme.


It’s a replica of a cottage, In which peasants once did dwell, And reared their little families, A job they did so well, Despite the hardships they endured, From the Landlord and the weather, Their living quarters they kept clean, With a broom the made from heather.









This famous little cottage, Has travelled far and wide, With all its ancient artefacts, Packed with care inside, By now it must have travelled, Six thousand miles or more, It has shown on Yonker’s raceway, In September of ninety four.

In the year of ninety five, At St. Patrick’s Day Parade, It took the best overall award, Leaving all the others in the shade, And later that same year, To Louisburg it did go, It was there the President saw it, While on holidays in Mayo.

This year its on the road again, To Dublin and London too, Its right that it should go there, For our Irish immigrants to view, And bring back to them some memories, Of how Ireland used to be, Before we all got bigger homes, And we joined the E.E.C.

-Tom Davey, May 1997